this machine makes SSH keypairs: a pair of public and private files that let your computer talk, in perfect secrecy, to other computers.

think of the public file as a padlock🔒: you can put it anywhere and no one can get past it. but by using the private half like a key 🔑, which you keep secret, you can unlock your padlock whenever you want.

SUPER CONFUSINGLY, these "files" are both called keys: your public key and private key. that doesn't make much sense and i apologize.

🔒 public key

🔑 private key(KEEP SECRET)

what now? you can now use these files with the ssh command! if, for example, you have signed up for tilde town using the public key you generated above and saved the private key as id_rsa in your Downloads directory, you can open a terminal and run:

                           ssh -i Downloads/id_rsa
For more information about where to save keys, how to use them, and how to use terminals (on all platforms), check out the ssh primer.