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pick the response that indicates whether or not you are a robot.

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:3 says: It has been at least a decade since I've signed an web guest book :3

darthlukan says: Hey! Saw a bit of what you guys are about at PyCon2017 in Portland. Excellent idea and I love what I've seen of the implementation!

John K. Wall says: https://tilde.town/ this site is the best for computer based communication

mr. jaws says: hello i am writing this 2017/04/27 i hope you can hear me please report back to me with your findings ����� yours truly, mr. jaws

HobnobsUK says: Everything but everything must come to an end 1960, Hello is there anybody out there! Let's meet on the other side of Trumps wall.

Dragos says: what is this shitzzzzz

bmnr says: Enjoyed, really enjoyed! tilde town for just a few minutes until I, very stupidly, playing a bit too loosely with the 'chmod' command in my ~ directory, did actually lock myself out of my own account! vilmibm, if you read this, would you please "unlock" it? Tried reaching you otherwise, but did not find an easy way. bmnr

laurel says: I'm enjoying tilde town. The weather is so great here!

Nick says: Hello - I'm a guest. Thanks for your hospitality.

kafka says: i'm still here. why have you forsaken me


channel_t says: _ _ _ _ __ [] [|}est \\/\/ebsite [|-ver() `-

hello says: <a href="hello.com">hsadhsdhasd</a>

XYZ says: To: Jebuiz Y'har. Greetings from the year 2016 AD. How to send this message to the year 49,170 AD?

a human says: terror and an instance of hope

>^..^< says: Mrw?

caledfwlch says: i am satan lord of darkness

michael milst says: Hi from may 24 2016

~*~*~ says: ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*hello*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Penrose says: This is the spirit of...

SamEarl13 says: Don't even know why I'm here.Hi XKeeper :)

stuck says: ~*~*no escape*~*~

confused says: what the fuck is this. is this 1996?

null says: i'm not a robot but i want to be

secondplanet says: wew

robo says: hrm, kinda like the previous homepage design better. but alright and hi people

pokemans says: ⣴⣿⣆⣤⣄ ⢀⠔⠟⡿⢏⢀⠜ ⣠⣴⣶⡦ ⢘⢅ ⠴ ⣹⠇⢾⣿⣿⡗ ⠘⢄⢫⠒⠊⠡⡙⠺⡟⠉ ⠉⠣⠒⠲⡡⠔⠁

Jacob Ferrero says: Me haz mad stuffs 4 u http://opengameart.org/users/ecrivain

robot says: boop beep bo bop

~minerobber says: I liked the old design better...

yabloko says: a ya baklajan, ya ne yabloko

kafka says: i can't get out

mozzarella says: lovely fun a site to browse!

nossidge says: Working?

Evans_Notch says: Hello

google says: hallo

basile says: this is a really cute site!! I have my own static site so personally I'm good, but I really love this. so simple, and the background color is really close to my very favorite web color (#cda2dc)!

h_sylvan says: this is a pretty site. i was going to register today, but SSH public key generation was daunting & i have to clean my fish tank :)

Les says: I think its wonderful what you are doing here :)

Kraken Fireball says: Neat stuff Karlen. Thanks for showing me this abraxas!

yerdin says: HALLO

Quabbel says: Je suis Jesus, et je moi don't understand here gar nichts.... :-(

Hannan Ali says: Check out my github profile at <a href="https://github.com/abdulhannanali">@abdulhannanali</a>

Louis says: Hello Tilde Town!

Slymodi says: hello this is a fun time!

Gont says: Are there any resources I could read on how to create guestbooks in Tilde? I love this, and would love to have one on my page. Are we able to host guestbooks on our tilde pages?

vgrind says: xditview '|troff -mvgrind -TX100 hello.c'

dep says: hello! :)

tahnok says: { [ H , E , L , L , O ] }

Ted Kerrigan says: HIHI I love everyone smoke weed 420

skrzyp says: This place looks very nice. (^_^)

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phtan90 AT gmail DOT com says: I didn't know I bad nostalgia for a guestbook until I came across yours! Combined with the <marquee> floating at the top as I type this, the 90s have come again~ BUT I wonder why so many 'townies' have so little to say about themselves on their tilde-pages? I would love to find out (read: google-stalk) about them!

Nin★Collin says: workin on page, waitin for approval, shouldnt be long now (hopefully)

d says: I sent in an application for riotgirls! Im excited to use this. Hopefully, I'll get a response soon *crosses fingers*

Spooncer Tweedy says: <3

themanwithabluecoat says: Keep the flame burning, people!

Variscite says: yo yo yo hello


cool says: This is cool :0

(^_^) says: (^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)

Hannan Ali says: hey check out my github profile at https://github.com/abdulhannanali

~ says: hello

hi says: ', ''); alert('hi'); console.log(' ', ''); alert('hi'); console.log('hi');

emily says: >:3c

*not* santi says: help! I am stuck in this guestbook and the guard is coming back arou--

walfisch says: hello

minerobber says: Yay! I now have a tilde site! - ILikeTildes

dormento says: Thanks for bringing the web back! :')

therealjelqfate says: Hello.

thang1 says: kirby. I'm telling ya, this site is responsive as hell.

a says: ayy lmao

test says: test

hava says: heyo

Smithg220 says: I like what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and coverage! Keep up the very good works guys I've incorporated you guys to my personal blogroll. ggfddbdaafkeafeg

kafka says: srsly help

nossidge says: Working!

it says: hi

droneriot says: What's good? Greetz from ctrl-c.club! I applied to get an account, I hope I get a response soon!

jsch says: love it

Jebuiz Y'har says: Greetings. My name is Jebuiz y'har. If my calculations are correct, you should be receiving this transmission in the year 2013 AD. It amuses me that you used to calculate your dates in relation to the life of an ancient man. You see, we have a slightly different timescale. But to make things simple, I am writing from the year 49,170 AD.

Penis says: Penis

mrDTmr says: LETS GO!

sl2c says: man, i haven't done much on my site in a while. maybe i should change that soon :3

khoi says: hii

Zach says: This is great!!!

ILikeTildes says: Hello!

john says: hello friends. stay lovely